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What services do you offer?

We design custom book covers, format and layout manuscripts and develop custom websites.

How long will it take to design my book cover?

A typical turnaround time for a book cover is 3-4 weeks. Rush services are available for an additional cost.

How many revisions am I allowed before I get charged an additional fee?

We include up to 3 revisions without any additional fees.

What is included in your cover design pricing?

You will get a full color print ready .pdf, a front cover image (for website and online marketing), a square cover (for audiobooks), a black and white front cover (interior cover), and a 3D book mockup.

What do you need to get started?

We typically ask that you send us 3-5 covers that you like so we can get a feel of the style you like. These examples do not need to be specific to your industry. They just need to be something that you like and that will get us pointed in the right direction.

What is an ISBN and where can I get one?

An ISBN number (International Standard Book Number) can help readers find and purchase your book because it identifies the book’s specific format, edition, and publisher. The ISBN also links to essential information about your book, enables more efficient marketing and distribution and is the global standard for book identification.

You will need an ISBN for your printed book and and a different ISBN for your eBook as well.

We recommend purchasing your ISBN from www.myidentifiers.com.

Do I need a barcode for my book?

Yes. If you are planning on selling your book, you should get a barcode. A barcode is a graphical representation of your printed book’s ISBN and price. Barcodes also facilitate tracking of sales and inventory, and are required by the largest book wholesalers and retailers.

You do not need a barcode for an eBook. But you will need an ISBN.

We recommend purchasing your barcode from www.myidentifiers.com

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